Bestfit is a premier, full-service tailoring company based in Franklin, TN. As we raise the bar in the alteration and tailor space, why settle for a lackluster experience with local custom clothing in Franklin, TN? We are committed to providing a customer-tailored experience. We pride ourselves on providing each customer with affordable and excellent bridal alterations in Franklin, TN, and nearby communities. Moreover, we make the process a collaborative and enjoyable one, where you can discuss your unique tailoring needs with an experienced tailor in a friendly environment. We have broad experience tailoring outfits for some of Tennessee’s most luxurious and successful fashion brands. In addition, we work with numerous fashion designers and luxury retail stores throughout Tennessee on a corporate level. Call us and learn more about our tailor and bridal alterations in Franklin, TN.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in bridal alterations and bespoke clothing services in Franklin, TN, and the surrounding areas. We strive to exceed customers’ expectations by providing the greatest level of customer satisfaction. Each piece of clothing is tailored and pinned to fit your body shape at each fitting. We provide guidance and solutions to help you get the look you desire. Here are the benefits you’ll reap when you choose us:

Make an Appointment to Your Home or Office

Schedule an appointment at your convenience

Receive Your Tailored Clothes Quickly

Excellent fit guaranteed, express pickup and delivery.

Get Your Clothing Tailored to You

Consult with an expert tailor about your ideal fit.

Our Team

With years of tapering, trimming, and hemming their belts, the expert tailors at Bestfit can be trusted with your most sensitive and finest pieces. Our professional and experienced tailors are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer service experience coupled with the highest quality tailoring.