Prompt Formal Attire Alteration Service in Franklin, TN

We are providing swift and excellent formal attire alteration service in Franklin, TN, and surrounding areas. Over many years, we have concluded various alterations projects encompassing the modification of tuxedos, gowns, and formal wear while ensuring on-time delivery of clothes. Our alterations and adjustments to your gown or dress will make a perfect fit for you as like never before. We know the importance of your time, and that’s why we believe your deadline must be met on a priority basis. That is why we constantly track the status of your orders so that you can relax and enjoy the time you richly deserve.

Services That You Can Easily Rely Upon

Whether it needs to be revamped entirely or simply tweaked to look more flattering, we can assist you in this regard to a great extent.

Why Choose Us

One-Stop Service

Our staff is trained on a regular basis to ensure that your dress is altered to the highest of standard and quality. We are always committed to building a customer base that does repeat business.


We know that customers need alterations for various reasons. This may include proper fitting of clothes due to weight gain or loss, changing the size of an inherited purchase or newly purchased attire, or restyling a wardrobe to make a garment look more fashionable.

Customer Service Just Beyond Words

We believe that alteration should be done in a way that quality speaks for itself. A perfect alteration should fit well according to a person's physique, and that’s why we take the best measurements to give a professional look that attracts everyone’s attention.

Continuous Improvement

We claim that our customers enjoy the long-lasting life of their clothes by using our services, and they can simply avoid the all too easy ‘throwaway culture, generating cost savings in the longer run.


You can trust us with any type of alterations from simple hems to significant modifications, any type of fabric, detail, or embellishment. We perform that with great care and thorough attention.
Accepted modes of payment for alteration service are cash, credit, or debit card. However, payment of the service depends on your choice upon completion of our services.
Our shop is open seven days a week from 09:00 till 7:00, but we offer free consultation, price quotes, and customers on a 24/7 basis.
It depends upon the type of work and tasks that need to be performed on a particular suite. Usually, clothing alteration takes about a week or a two but don’t worry we deliver the clothes and dresses on promised time.